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Autumn at Alfresco

Monday, October 3rd, 2016


We’ve got the goods to outfit your kids and home for Halloween, plus wonderful autumn flavors, scents and décor. Take a look at some of the items we’ve got in store right now!

halloween table

autumn goods


Halloween items at Alfresco Casual Living:

  • Trick or Treat bags
  • Pumpkin hat and booties for infants
  • Pumpkin costume for toddlers
  • Halloween socks
  • Halloween napkins
  • Flying witch table décor
  • Halloween tapestries
  • Halloween table decorations

Autumn items at Alfresco Casual Living:

  • Chili starter mixes
  • Pumpkin serving spoons
  • “Giving Thanks” book
  • On-the-cob popping corn
  • Fall flavor pouches
  • Mulling spices
  • Autumn fairy garden décor
  • Thymes simmered cider candles

And more! Come and see for yourself 🙂



Magnificent Baby Magnetic Fastening Clothes

Monday, February 1st, 2016

New in store!

We’re so excited to add this clever time-saver for moms, dads (and grandmas like me!) to help their babies get dressed quickly without clumsy snaps. Take a look at how it works with the videos, below!

How it works:

Introducing Eco-Friendly Baby Dishware

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

New in store!

Avanchy eco friendly bowls and spoonsWe are pleased to announce that we’ll soon be carrying Avanchy Eco-Friendly, FDA-approved Feeding Products! Parents love Avanchy feeding bowls and plates because they come with suction cup bases that adhere to any flat surface, reducing spills! The quick-release tab at the bottom makes them easy to remove for less stress AND less mess!

Avanchy also offers bamboo spoons with soft and gentle BPA free silicone tip for gentle baby gums.

One thing I love about the product is the multi-functionality…once baby is grown, the bowls are still beautiful by themselves. They function well as salad bowls or serving bowls!


Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Featured Brands
In the last months, we’ve been excited to offer Juliska brand tableware. A relatively new company, Juliska was founded in 2001 by Capucine and David Gooding, who sought to bring inspired, European design with a eye for heritage to today’s homes. Take a peek at this introductory video that talks about their “Country Estate” collection, available in part here at Alfresco Casual Living.

Autumn Entertaining

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Casual Entertaining TipsWhat better time is there than a brisk October evening to have company over? It’s before the busy Holiday Season, there’s little worry about the condition of the roads, and the weather is still nice enough that you can enjoy a little bonfire as part of the evening. Plus, the colors of the season here in the Midwest make for a great backdrop to inspire your decor!

Here at Alfresco Casual Living, we’ve got some great items to make your autumn dinner parties warm and inviting.

Table Linens from Petal Pushing

table-linens April Cornell

Table Linens from Petal Pushing

We have a great selection of beautiful and festive French table linens from Petal Pushing and Couleur Nature, including place mat, table cloths, and napkins that will compliment your autumn decor. We also feature fall and holiday linens from April Cornell.

Autumn Tableware

Autumn Table Accessories

Autumn Table Accessories

So much to talk about in this picture! We’ve got serving dishes in warm autumn colors and some great wicker plate chargers that can pull duty in just about any season. We’ve always got a selection of seasonal paper napkins, too. Top off your table with these cute decorative ceramic veggies. And prepare a quickie side dish with our delicious Stonewall Kitchen Butternut Squash Risotto Mix. It’s OK…we won’t tell that it’s not from scratch! Of course, while you’ll always find items like these in our store, our stock is always changing, so you might not find these exact items when you visit.

Candles and Comfort Food


Autumn Candles, Recipes and More

Set the scene for autumn get-togethers with scented candles in warm hues and spicy scents. Candles are a great way to extend the colors of the season into the early-to-become-dark evenings.

Looking for ideas of what to serve? It’s the time of year again to serve soothing comfort foods like soups, stews and even macoroni and cheese. We’ve got some great recipes in books like Easy One Pot: Frugal Recipes For Busy Cooks (2009) and Mac’N’Cheese (author Laura Washburn, 2013) from Ryland, Peter & Small.


Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Featured BrandsChamilia Logo

For over a year now, we’ve been proud to carry Chamilia brand jewelry in our store. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Chamilia is a collection of customizable jewelry that allows you to add design beads that complement your mood, occasion or wardrobe. Bead designs are diverse, ranging from earth-toned neutrals, Swarovski crystals, special collections, novelty, Murano glass, sterling silver, mixed and 14K gold, crystal and more.

Our Chamilia Loyalty Passport program at Alfresco Casual Living allows you to earn a free bead or bracelet with qualifying purchases. The program is ongoing until 12/31/13! Ask for a Loyalty Passport, and after nine bead purchases (for which your passport will be stamped) receive the 9th bead free (excluding gold & mixed gold), after 5 additional stamps (bead purchases), receive a FREE sterling silver or leather bracelet!!

We love to hear the stories of people who come into the store and purchase Chamilia for themselves and others. Here are some great gift ideas:

4th of July Bead from Chamilia

An example of Holiday-themed bead from Chamilia


Chamilia beads are great for celebrating holidays! And since new beads are added all the time, you could add a new bead as a gift for a loved one each year—for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day…you name it! It’s an easy and appreciated gift that’s fun to give and receive.

A wedding-themed Chamilia bracelet

A wedding-themed Chamilia bracelet


Chamilia beads are a great way to celebrate and remember life events: getting a driver’s license, making a dance or sports team, passing a big exam, making your first sale, getting Confirmed…and so many more! Make your Chamilia jewelry a personal time capsule!

Wine bead from Chamilia

A bead for the foodie in your life!


What thrills you? Are you a foodie? Do you love wine? Theater? Music? Dogs? Chamilia beads are a great way to show what you’re all about—or to let someone close to you know that you know them well!

A Disney-themed Chamilia bracelet

A Disney-themed Chamilia bracelet


The genius of Chamilia jewelry is that all of the beads and bracelet types are interchangeable. You can create a bracelet using the leather base that looks casual, another in sterling silver that looks elegant, or maybe a color-themed bracelet that uses beads all from a single color palette or bead type. Wear multiple Chamilia bracelets, or just a single bracelet—it’s up to you!

Convert a Chamilia bead into a necklace

Convert a Chamilia bead into a pendant


If you’ve been giving Chamilia beads as a gift to a friend or loved one, you can add versatility to their collection by giving them an adjustable chain necklace. They can use the chain to highlight a favorite bead or to create a customized piece that fits an occasion.

There are so many other great reasons to give Chamilia or purchase it for yourself. We’ve even had some people purchase beads to commemorate a loved one or reward themselves for a sobriety anniversary! And the price is right—starting at just $25 and up. Go ahead—create something lasting and unique!

Fun Ideas to Chill Out This Summer

Monday, June 24th, 2013

New in store!Now that our dreary, wet spring is finally behind us…bring on the heat! That’s right—these are the best days of summer for entertaining guests on the patio or on the boat. Grab your sunglasses, spread on some sunscreen, and try these products to help you keep your cool!

Sip With Sass

Little elves must have been listening to me grumble over the years as I’ve tried in vain to stuff cube-shaped ice into narrow-neck water bottles. Now there’s no more need for grumbling—all I have to do is use these clever molds that create narrow, cylindrical-shape chunks of ice that slip easily inside a water bottle or tall glass. The silicone mold bends easily to allow you to remove the ice without breaking it.

Cylinder-shaped ice molds

Cylinder-shaped ice cubes are perfect for keeping water bottles cool!

Here’s another fun way to keep beverages cool this summer: the Fruity Ice Wand Mold. These are great for tall drinks—kind of a bit like stir sticks and ice at the same time! They’re fun, functional and attention-getting. Why settle for boring?? You’ll have to stop in and see!

Ice-on-a-string mold

For a dramatic effect to afternoon cocktails, try this ice-on-a-string mold. Fun!

Keep Appetizers Crisp, Even in the Heat

The Prodyne Appetizers on Ice (shown), Condiments on Ice and Salad Bowl on Ice are part of my summer essentials. With a separate compartment to hold ice, food stays chilled and doesn’t get soggy. To use, just fill the bottom compartment with ice and position the vented grate of the bowl over the ice. The chill flows through to keep food in the main bowl, keeping it cool and crisp. The Appetizers on Ice dish includes a divided appetizer insert with dip cup and is great for serving crudites, seafood, condiments, relishes and more. A dome lid keeps cold air in and bugs out. There’s even an attractive salad servers hook on the bowl’s rim. Come see! These make great shower or wedding gifts, too!

Prodyne Appetizers on Ice

The Prodyne Appetizers on Ice keeps food cool and crisp.

For other great summer entertaining ideas, including great sauces, seasonings and recipes, stop in to our store. We’d love to see you!


Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Sometimes I think Father’s Day is the most difficult holiday to find gifts for. If your father is anything like mine or my husband, he doesn’t need or want much, and when he does, he simply goes and buys it! But I’ve learned over the years that the best gifts for Dad are the ones that they need, but didn’t know existed! Luckily, I’ve managed to find a few such products just in time for this Father’s Day. Take a look!


If your fella likes to grill a lot, but always seems to be singeing his arm hairs, you might want to get him a Pit Mitt. It’s a hand-washable, ambidextrous glove made of aramid fiber, which protects the body from heat. Its silicone textured surface provides grip, too. They’re great for grilling at home, but don’t forget about camping, too, especially if you cook over the fire pit!


Make 3/4 or 1/2 lb. stuffed burgers easily with these cool gadgets! Use the outside of the press to make your patty, then press in the insert to create a well for placing goodies such as cheese, bacon, onions or…you name it! Part of the fun with this gadget is imagining and inventing recipes to try out! Once you’ve sealed your patties, just slip them inside the grilling basket and Dad won’t have to worry about burgers slipping into the flame.


When movie night comes around at your home, Dad will get a kick out of seasoning his kernels HIS way with grown-up flavors such as Chili Lime, White Cheddar, Dill Pickle and Kettle Korn. Pop up a batch on Father’s Day, then let Dad select the movie of HIS choice that night. Perfection!

Old Guys Rule Mug

*Selection varies


Celebrating the esteemed older fellas in our lives, these stylish gifts are sure to give Dad a chuckle. The brand strives to provide Dad and others with “a badge of honor” for a life well lived, yet not close to over!

Sticky Fingers Bakeries Scone Mix

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Featured Brand

Last weekend, I had a customer come in looking for an easy baking project that she and her preteen son could do together while he was home from school on spring break. She picked up a Sticky Fingers Bakeries premium Raspberry White Chocolate Scone Mix and promised to share her experience.

“It was so easy!”
The only ingredients you’ll need to make the scones are water and a little grease or cooking spray to coat a baking sheet.

Grease a baking sheet

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and grease a baking sheet.

Stir in water

2. In a medium mixing bowl, mix the water and scone mix with a fork until a sticky dough forms.

Press on to baking sheet

3. With lightly floured hands, form a 10" circle with the dough in the center of the baking sheet. (Note: you can also choose to drop spoonfuls of dough to create smaller scones).

Score the dough

4. Deeply score the dough into 8 wedges and place into the oven.

Right out of the oven

5. Bake for 18-20 minutes (theirs took 18 minutes exactly!), removing from the oven when the edges are slightly browned and a fork poked into the center comes out clean.

Finished product: Sticky Fingers Bakeries Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

The finished product! Start to finish, the whole project takes about 25 minutes.

“Delicious right from the oven!”

My customer and her son sampled the scones just minutes from the oven and said how impressed they were at well they stayed together. The finished scones were light and fluffy and filled the kitchen with a home-baked aroma. “They’re perfect for dunking,” said mom, who loves to soak her scones in a little bit of dark roast coffee. “They’re really good,” reported her son, who clearly enjoyed the fruits of his labor!

Customize for an added homemade touch.

I recommend adding a little bit of dried fruit, nuts or extra white chocolate chips to give the mix a custom, homemade touch. With this tiny modification, they’d easily pass for entirely homemade, and would be an easy hostess gift, bake-sale item, or Easter morning treat to serve to guests. They’re a perfect companion to hard boiled eggs!

Sticky Fingers Premium Scone Mixes contain only the finest all-natural ingredients with no artificial colors, preservatives, trans-fats or saturated fats. They come in a variety of flavors, including Raspberry White Chocolate, Lemon Ginger, Strawberry, Blueberry and more. Stop in or call ahead for available selections!


Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Fun outdoor serveware from Zak Designs

Yesterday – I swept the patio off. Tonight I made fish tacos and we ate on the patio! Most downtown restaurants have opened their outdoor dining areas! We’ve got the front door of the shop open all day now! I don’t think most folks from Southern climes understand the euphoria we all feel up here! Even after such a mild winter!

Appetizers on Ice from Prodyne

Appetizers on Ice from Prodyne

I’m glad that many of the orders I placed months ago are now coming in on a daily basis,  in anticipation of Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, graduation parties, and just plain old summer fun on the patio, deck, boat or by the pool! Zak Designs confetti melamine bowls, plates & butter dishes as well as fun reusable drink straws & stir sticks, Prodyne entertaining on ice will soon arrive (great for summer parties!), our Uwharrie Chair

Uwharrie Rocking Chair

Uwharrie Rocking Chair

outdoor furniture should be arriving next week, and we’ve been packing our baby & kids department as full as possible, with lots of non-candy choices for Easter baskets! (Manhattan Toy, Klutz, wind-up toys, Kidorable rain gear, and so much more!)

I’ve been slowly repainting the shop (well, okay, my husband has been doing it in his not so spare time under my direction) and moving things around to switch things up! After nearly 10 years I’m ready! So bring on spring! I’m ready!